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From the Editor...

Welcome to the JURIST International and Comparative Law Subject Guide. Research in these two fields (and the allied field of foreign law) has literally been revolutionized by the internet. Before the web, much of the content in this Guide was inaccessible to all but those at the most well endowed law libraries and research institutes. Ease and cost-effectiveness of electronic publication, the proliferation of search engines and delivery tools, and the creation of web-sites by international and non-governmental organizations all demonstrate why the internet is truly "internetional."

Suggestions for expanding or correcting this subject guide are welcome. Please contact the editor at

Donna E. Arzt is Professor of Law and Director of the Center for Global Law and Practice at Syracuse University College of Law. A specialist in public international law, human rights and the Middle East, Arzt has authored a JURIST column, "Teaching to the Not Yet HTML-Converted."