Examination Rules and Procedures

Examinations are designed to test the understanding of the concepts in the examined subject matter. Obviously, students should neither seek nor accept any assistance during the exam. Less obviously, but of great importance, is that students do not appear, to any degree, to seek or accept any such assistance. It is essential that every law student recognize the necessity of strict adherence to all examination rules, and the Standards of Academic Integrity to avoid any unauthorized practice, and to avoid even the appearance of unauthorized practices. Following are the exam rules and procedures in effect at the School of Law.


A final exam schedule showing exact day, date, starting and ending times, and open/closed book status and those exams allowing the use of laptops will be posted on the Registrar’s page of the Law School website, the home page of the ExamSoft login screen, and on the plasma screens on the 1st and 4th Floors. Please copy the exact information for each of your exams. Do not trust this information to memory.

Plan to arrive at the scheduled room fifteen (15) minutes before the scheduled start of an exam.

There are no designated seating assignments in the exam rooms. However, if one or more exams are administered in the same room, you may be directed to a particular area of the room to sit. You are to sit in every other seat in the exam room. Exam materials will be distributed once everyone is seated.

Do not open an exam booklet until you are told to do so.

The Registrar’s Office will distribute exam numbers in advance of exams according to a designated schedule which is sent to all students via email. You will receive a different exam number for each exam. Please be sure to bring the correct exam number with you to each exam.

Enter your ExamID in the upper right hand corner of the exam in the exam number field on each page of the exam, and into the exam software (if you are using a laptop).

All exams must be returned at the end of each exam. All bluebooks must be returned at the end of each exam.

Any materials taken into an exam room, even if the exam is open book, must be in clear sight of proctors.

Any student found to have unauthorized materials during an exam will be charged with violation of exam rules.

Cell phones and any other types of recording/playing equipment are not permitted in exam rooms.

No food of any kind is permitted in exam rooms without the permission of the Registrar’s Office staff, and then only for medical reasons. Beverages will be permitted. However, please be considerate of other students in the exam room if you bring a beverage with you.

The room proctor will read a series of exam procedures. Please pay special attention to these announcements.

In the absence of Registrar’s Office staff, proctors are the final authority.

  1. To assure the anonymity of the grading system, students will identify themselves on all law school exams by exam number only. Please do not put your name on any exam. Exam numbers will be assigned randomly for each exam. Students will receive a different number for each exam.
  2. Adjustments to the exam schedule will be made only in two situations: 1) when a student is enrolled in three courses with in-class back-to-back exams (e.g., Monday a.m., Monday p.m., Tuesday a.m.), and 2) when a student has two exams scheduled for the same time. In those situations, the student will be allowed to reschedule one of the exams.
  3. Except for good cause, such as sickness or other serious circumstances totally beyond a student’s control, special or make-up exams will not be given. A student’s failure to take a scheduled exam without good cause and without prior notice to the Dean’s Office may result in that student’s receiving a failing grade for the course in which the exam was missed. 

    If a student is going to miss an exam for good cause, the student must properly advise the Dean’s Office before the exam. If a student experiences extenuating circumstances during an exam, the student must notify the proctor or Registrar’s Office staff during the exam or, the Dean’s Office promptly after it.
  4. If a student misses an exam for good cause and with prior notice, the student will be required to reschedule the exam within the exam period, at the discretion of the administration; otherwise, it must be taken the next time the exam in that course is given, regardless of the fact that the course may then be taught by a different instructor. A student who has experienced extenuating circumstances during an exam, may petition for the discretionary relief of taking a reexamination the next time an exam in that course is given, regardless of the fact that the course may then be taught by a different instructor. Such relief is granted in only the most compelling cases. The Standards of Academic Integrity apply to all rescheduled exams.
  5. It is the student’s obligation to determine when an exam begins and its length. Failure to appear at the beginning of the exam will not result in any additional time being granted for the completion of the exam.
  6. Exams will be started with a proctor in the room. After the exam begins, the proctor may or may not stay in the room for the length of the exam. Students are reminded that the Standards of Academic Integrity will be adhered to and are in force at all times during an exam. It is your responsibility to act appropriately during an exam whether or not a proctor is in the room. Please cooperate with the proctors in a courteous manner.
  7. Students may bring only writing instruments and such books or materials as the course instructor has authorized into the exam room. Scratch paper will be provided in the exam room. The first sheet of scratch paper will be attached to the end of the exam as a blank sheet of paper. Please use that sheet first.  Should you need it, additional scratch paper can be obatined from the proctor. No devices with memory storage or Internet capability may be brought into the exam room unless specifically permitted by the instructor and approved by the Registrar’s Office. Any student who brings or attempts to bring unauthorized materials into the exam room or who refers to unauthorized materials during the exam will be immediately excluded from the exam. Purses and backpacks may be brought into the exam room if kept on the floor, at the owner’s feet, during the exam. Bluebooks are not to be used for scratch or outlining purposes.
  8. Students may not share any authorized materials during an exam. No library materials may be consulted.
  9. If it is necessary for you to leave the exam room during the exam, you may not take your exam booklets, the exam question or any other materials from the room. You must bring your exam questions, scantron sheet, and bluebooks to the front of the room, and must sign a sheet at the front desk indicating the time you leave, and the time you return to the room. Only one student may be gone from the exam room at a time. Once you have signed back into the room you may collect your exam materials and/or bluebooks and return to your seat. No student taking an exam should go to his or her locker during the exam. Any student taking an exam should not be present on the third, fourth or fifth floors during the exam.
  10. Students may use pencils or pens if writing their exams. If the exam to be administered will be using a scantron sheet, it is your responsibility to bring with you # 2 pencils so you can record your answers on the scantron sheet. The Registrar’s Office does not supply pencils.
  11. Students must maintain silence in the exam rooms. Care should be taken not to slam doors or make noise when leaving or entering the exam rooms.
  12. If more than one exam booklet is used, students must, within the amount of time allowed for the exam, fill in the front of each booklet and number the booklets consecutively: Book I, II, etc.
  13. If you complete the exam before the 15-minute warning is given, you will place your exam number on the exam booklets, and turn them in to the proctor. If you have typed your exam, save and upload your exam answers from your laptop to the ExamSoft server. No student will be permitted to leave his or her seat after the 15-minute warning is given. This includes any student who completes the exam before the scheduled ending time. Under no circumstances should any writing or typing occur after the “End of Exam” command is given. Once the exam has ended, remain seated. The proctor will give end of exam instructions. Once your exam has been collected, you will be dismissed by the proctor. 

    As exams may still be in progress in the other rooms, please exit the room quietly and leave the first floor area immediately.
  14. Some or all exams may be arranged so that two exams are taking place within the same room with sectioned seating. If you are taking an exam in a room in which other students are taking a separate exam and your exam is completed earlier than the other exam, the same procedures outlined in #13 above are in effect.
  15. Students taking exams on laptops and students writing exams will be in the same exam room. You may want to consider bringing earplugs to minimize any source of noise during the exam.
  16. The Law School does not provide laptop computers. In order to take an exam on a laptop, you must have downloaded and installed the exam software from the Law School website (including any updates), viewed the video tutorials prior to the start of the exam period, and turned in the affirmation that you have viewed the video tutorials to the Registrar’s Office (this only needs to be done once during you law school career). After the exam has ended, and you have saved and uploaded your exam, your answer will be printed by the Registrar’s Office and given to the faculty member for grading.
  17. Students who are using a laptop, and who experience hardware or software problems are to notify the proctor of the problem and then immediately begin writing their exam in a bluebook while the computer problem is diagnosed and resolved. No extra time will be provided for completion of the exam, so once your laptop problem has been resolved, you should start typing at the point in your answer where you stopped writing in the bluebook.
  18. Students who are using a laptop, and/or who have an open book exam are advised to print out any class notes or other allowable documents from your laptop before coming into the exam room. You will not have access to any files on your laptop during exams. No one will be permitted to access any files on laptops whether they are typing their exams, writing their answer in a bluebook, or otherwise completing a scantron sheet with their answers to the exam.
  19. The permissibility of using laptops for final exams is up to the individual instructor, subject to whatever limits or controls the school may impose on all students using laptops to take exams.
  20. Faculty members will not interpret exam questions or otherwise speak with students during the exam. If you believe you have discovered a mistake or ambiguity in the question, resolve the mistake or ambiguity in what you consider to be a reasonable manner and proceed to write your answer on that basis. Every effort will be made to avoid any mistakes or ambiguities in exam questions.
  21. These procedures have been approved by the Dean’s Office to ascertain a fair, efficient and appropriate exam process. Students taking exams should avoid all conversation during the exam period, and otherwise conduct themselves in such a manner so as to, again, insure not only substantive compliance with these procedures, but the appearance of full and complete compliance as well


Registrar’s Office Service Window hours during the exam period are 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Details relevant to each take-home exam will be listed on the take-home exam schedule posted on the Registrar’s page of the Law School website, and on the home page of the ExamSoft login screen.

We use the ExamSoft website for downloading/uploading take-home exams. The feature is referred to as “Assignment Drop Box” in ExamSoft. Take-home exams do not use the exam software. Due to technical support and staffing limitations, exam access for take-home exams will be restricted to between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday; no exceptions! No student should attempt to download exam questions after 5:00 p.m., or upload exam answers prior to 8:30 a.m. during the week. Also, no student should download exam questions or upload answers over the weekend. These restrictions will be enforced and are in place to ensure that students who experience technical difficulty can receive prompt assistance to resolve the matter. There is no technical support at the Law School or ExamSoft when the office is closed. Students who do not adhere to these exam access and upload instructions do so at their own risk including, but not limited, to the possibility of receiving a failing grade for the exam if it is not submitted in a timely fashion.

Unless otherwise instructed, all take-home exam answers must be uploaded to the ExamSoft server by noon on the last day of exams.

Information Technology

Please feel free to stop by the IT office (Rm. 425) with any technical questions and concerns you may have. We are available 8:30 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.