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Center for International Legal Education


Programs/Opportunities for JD Students

Programs for Foreign Lawyers

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  • Languages for Lawyers Program – Basic legal vocabulary and grammatical structures in the target language. CLE credit offered.  

The Center for International Legal Education (CILE) at Pitt Law exists to advance legal education and the rule of law, both at the School and throughout the world. CILE programs are designed to benefit JD students at Pitt Law, foreign students enrolled in the LLM and SJD programs, and external constituencies. These programs benefit our students by responding to personal academic and career goals and providing opportunities that help each student achieve his or her goals. CILE programs offer Pitt Law students exposure to the world of international and comparative law in settings that help develop the necessary competence to become a global lawyer. 

CILE programs also bring students to Pitt Law from around the world to educate them in comparative legal systems, develop relationships, and create diversity in understanding of the rule of law. CILE programs reach out to countries in transition, providing training and a focus on legal education as core to a functioning legal system that is necessary to the rule of law, and trains those who will educate future generations of lawyers in those transition countries. Without lawyers there cannot be rule of law, and without good legal education there cannot be the type of lawyers who will help establish and sustain the rule of law.

With a variety of opportunities for JD students and opportunities for foreign lawyers, CILE seeks to enhance students' international exposure while studying at Pitt Law.

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