Last Writes? Re-assessing the Law Review in the Age of


Version 1.2 created March 10, 1997; Version 1.0 created February 5, 1996

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Version 1.2

Version 1.2 (released March 10, 1997) is a primarily-technical revision of "Last Writes?" Version 1.1 (released June 4, 1996). It has been optimized for both Netscape 3 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3. The title banners and the oversize initials appearing at the beginning of each section have been redesigned to increase legibility, improve the document's appearance, and generally strengthen its visual impact. An animated .gif has also been added to the title display. The menu of options on the Title Page has been refined and reorganized to make the listings more understandable and easier to access. In particular, a Guide has been created to lead readers to specific portions of the text. Several selections from the Readers' Forum section have been posted to the Title Page for the information of new readers. Finally, all hypertext links have been checked and (as necessary) updated, and several minor typographical errors have been corrected; otherwise the original text remains intact.

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